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  Site is back!
Posted by: creamcheese - 01-21-2015 06:25 PM - No Replies

I would like to say the website is officially fixed! Sadly we were restored to Friday so many threads and posts are gone, it's ok b/c we can rebuild the 5 day loss. Thank you to everyone who was patient and/or helped out.

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  Welcome Back
Posted by: creamcheese - 01-14-2015 07:15 PM - No Replies

Hello everyone, this is cream cheese just saying welcome back to logistic! Our hiatus is over and we are now coming back to you with multiple servers. You'll hear more soon!

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  Tomorrow RP is greenlit
Posted by: creamcheese - 05-18-2014 12:04 PM - Replies (3)

So judging from the polls, Tomorrow RP is a go. To give an example of what is happening, basically there was a civil war and a dictatorship took over the world which explains the state of the map/world. It isn't shit but it isn't pretty. Citizens/Most classes will be running establishments, organizations, and other great things to create a player run city state. Combine player models will of course be the police but there is no over watch, stupid hl2rp bullshit. I will be writing a shit ton of lore, you guys can give suggestions, and I will ask some people for personal input. I made a section to follow the development, if this of course gets funded. Have fun guys!

Here is a pic of a bar which will soon be a home for a nice organization. More teasers and updates to come. Let's fund this!

[Image: 2014_05_18_00001.jpg]

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  Apocalypse RP
Posted by: creamcheese - 05-17-2014 08:45 PM - Replies (4)

So if you have been checking the site we have been posting teasers for something awesome. Those teasers were for a new server that will be coming this summer if Logistic Gaming stays open. The server is Apocalypse RP for garrysmod and will be fun. No rdm rules in the wilderness, 2 factions, rebuild the world, play like you want! It will be a serious rp built off of dark rp to allow for some fun compared to role play game modes like HL2RP. Since the gamemode is still in production, I won't release too much info but there will be multiple factions that will be playable.

NFU - New Federal Union - government faction, lives in bunker with survivors.
NPR - New Peoples Republic - new faction formed in desert stronghold.
Bandits - Pretty typical group
Mutants - Yes, you can attack people in the wilderness with super powers

Now before I explain some more stuff I would like to tell you guys, due to financial troubles we will be selling beta access for the server. What will beta access give you? For $15 you will get access to test the gamemode before release and get VIP for the server. If our server never actually becomes a thing, I will personally refund you every single cent. Now why do we need money? 1. To pay for the server 2. To keep LogG alive. 3. To motivate this server coming to life.(When people's money is at stake people work faster) Now of course you aren't just paying for beta access, you are also getting a discount on VIP and beta tester classes which you will never have a chance to get again.

Now to convince you guys why this will work. This server has already been a thing in my last community and was fun, gmod 12 lacked content to make it truly work and to in house develop it would be a pain in the ass as a one man team. Now with gmod12 more user made content and the server will work out in the end. The server will feature a nice map to the extent of a custom one will be created. If the server is even more successful than that it will become the starting point to the Dairy RP Universe idea I had where we will have a whole apocalypse world with hundreds of factions existing like a true MMO.

One more thing before I finish this announcement. Money will be hard to obtain since it's the apocalypse and weapons due to their rarity will be expensive, all beta testers will get a large starting cash so they can truly rule the world for the starting months. I hope you guys support this idea and more announcements will come!

Update on How Beta Access vs. VIP works:

Beta Access $15:
1.Extra Starting Cash
2.VIP Features
3.Beta Access.
4.Test new classes and features
5.Access to new RP Universe additions.

VIP $25:
1.Extra Cash, not as much as Beta
2.VIP Features

[Image: teaser2.jpg]
[Image: apoc.jpg]

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  New Donation Bar
Posted by: creamcheese - 05-17-2014 08:26 PM - No Replies

This bar will be here to the goal is complete. This store is different than our other store but it still has paypal with guest checkout. What is different in this one? Discounted packages and beta access to apoc rp.

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  The state of Logistic
Posted by: creamcheese - 05-16-2014 04:39 PM - Replies (4)

Hello Community, Clan, and other supportive players,
It is troubling to say this but Logistic Gaming is not in the best of times right now. We are struggling financially to keep our servers running due to a lack of donations that recently just started. We hate relying on others support money wise but at this point we actually have to ask. Since 2013, Logistic Gaming has been making smiles on people's faces and providing top notch servers to the extent of correcting any problems you, the community have. To keep these servers open that requires money, since we aren't able to just afford a good network with server boxes this is the second best option for logistic gaming. Without our current system, running lag free would be quite hard and would not be worth it, so this is our justification to renting. Now some of you may ask, "why don't you close some servers?" Well the thing is we might have to close some servers but it will be a hard choice to make, because all our servers are unique to the community and players love different servers for different reasons. In the case of closing several servers, we will target the least popular servers and try to recover them when we rebound.
Now that some explanation was made, we are asking for anyone who reads this for some support or help. Like I said, Logistic isn't just a bunch of servers, it's a family and the word Logistic means something to many members including myself. Our donation store isn't top notch but it works and what we are asking for now is for anyone who can to maybe donate for some perks on the servers you like. If you do donate I promise I will make Logistic better with every cent, I've given up so many dollars to make this work but I can't and I need you guys to help. After this thread I will be creating an announcement for something over the summer, this will be an awesome new feature to the community if we can pull through. I'm an honest guy and many of you probably know me and what LogG means to me. All I want is for all of us to have fun in a buzz kill free environment and make Logistic Gaming a place of awesome gaming, better than Hellsgamers, Lemon Punch, any community you name it! With that I would just like to say thank you for reading this and hope you can help. The last thing I want is for Logistic To close...

Your Owner,
Dan "Creamcheese"

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  Teaser 2
Posted by: creamcheese - 05-15-2014 07:00 PM - Replies (2)

[Image: teaser2.jpg]

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Posted by: creamcheese - 05-13-2014 07:52 PM - Replies (5)

[Image: apoc.jpg]

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  CSS Rank Overhaul
Posted by: creamcheese - 04-25-2014 11:26 PM - No Replies

Tonight I updated the rank system so now Rotational DM, Office DM, and the Pub are all 1 database/ranks. You now can compete to be the best in logG instead of one server! Also you can view the ranks on any web browser by either hitting the link above or using this url. Ranks

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  TF2 New Ip's
Posted by: creamcheese - 04-23-2014 07:20 PM - Replies (1)

Logistic Gaming 24/7 Hightower -
Logistic Gaming Payload Rotaional -

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